Our Promise To You

At Precision Firestopping we train all of our employees through manufacturer specifications and installation methods. We will work as a team to finish your project by any means necessary to get the job done efficiently, on time and on budget. All of Precision Firestopping employees will attend weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings to keep us up to date on the latest Safety requirements and guidelines. Life Safety is Our Goal, we can guarantee you quality work at a quality price and hopefully you will allow us to seal up any new Firewalls as well as repair any existing Firewalls to know the job is done correctly and will protect the people in your building if a fire was to break out.

Services include:

  • Construction Joint Firestopping
  • Shaft Alternative for Grease & Air Ducts
  • Electrical Circuit Protection
  • Plumbing and Mechanical Piping
  • Sprinkler Systems Piping
  • All Other Through Penetration Firestopping (Floor/Wall)
  • Drywall Patchwork
  • Mud and Tape Drywall Seams
  • Bundling Cables to tie off (keep cables off ceiling grid)
  • Smoke, Sound & Air Movement Seals
  • Open Junction Box Closure
  • All other forms of Specialty Firestopping that is required to carry Fire Ratings for Wall/Floors in Commercial Construction.

Construction Joint Firestopping

Precision Firestopping can provide cost-effective solutions to the dynamic requirements for rated construction joints. Solutions include silicone and elastomeric caulks as well as the latest stuff and spray applications.

  • Floor and wall expansion joints
  • Head of wall joints for concrete, CMU and gypsum applications
  • Curtain-wall / perimeter gap

Firestop Systems Installation Services:

  • Submittal packages (UL Rated Systems/MSDS Sheets/Material Forms)
  • Wall Stenciling/Labeling (If requested at an additional fee)
  • Wall Penetration Tagging and Tag Log (If requested at an additional fee)
  • Installation by registered Firestop/Containment Workers
  • Interfacing with the General Contractor, Architect, Engineer and Hospital Administrators
  • Penetration logs will include installer, penetration type, location, material, etc.

Company Clients

Yarco Drywall
Henderson Electric
Emerald Bay Plumbing, Inc.
Comfort Systems USA, Southwest
Sauer Holdings, Inc.
North Okaloosa Medical Center