About Firestopping

What is firestopping?

Firestopping in simple terms is the sealing walls, floors, and ceiling and using products that stop combustion in order to make fire rated walls that stop the spread of fire. Techniques and materials used for firestopping have bee tested and approved specifically for this use. The technique of firestopping is a process that takes expertise in the area of fire prevention and is something that your general contractor can't provide. You need a specialized firestopping contractor and Precision Firestopping can provide this service to you.

Installation in your commercial building

The firestops installed in your commercial building help to prevent the spread of flames, toxic smoke, and deadly gases to other areas of your building, thus not only protecting the other areas of your property, but also the occupants of the building. These firestopping systems include areas of plumbing, electrical, ventilation, ducts, and sealants.

About Firestopping

We can perform a wide variety of commercial waterproofing services in new construction, renovations, and repairs to existing buildings.

We use the best products and practices in the business so when it comes to masonry or concrete construction think about us to do your exterior or interior waterproofing systems.

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